Finishing Touches Being put on Old Rock Gym

February 20, 2014

The finishing touches on the Rock Gym located behind the Granite Bowl are being added this week.

According to Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas numerous problems with the previous contractor who performed a majority of work with the initial renovation, eventually caused the Elbert County Board of Commissioners to move forward and finish the rest of the work themselves.

“The contractor did not finish up the entire punch list that was made by the architect, so time kept dragging on, so we decided we were going to take that money and not pay the contractor and do that work ourselves”, explained Thomas. “They did complete the work, as we brought the architect back in and he approved everything that we did.”

Now that the work is completed, the initial grant for the renovation project can be closed out.

Coming up on Friday is a performance from Savannah River Productions, and Thomas said another grant the county applied for is going towards accommodating the group by adding sound equipment, curtains for the stage, kitchen equipment for the caterers, as well as more tables and chairs.

Thomas says they are cutting it close in terms of getting all of that equipment in place, but feels confident the work will get done in time.

“We are in the process of putting those items in; unfortunately we are down to the last week because we have a performance by Savannah River Productions this Friday night”, said Thomas. “Though we feel everything will be in place and be ready before the performance on Friday night.”

All renovation related work has finally been completed on the Rock Gym, and Thomas credits the hard work by numerous local contractors, as well as the county employees who helped pick up the slack.

Any costs incurred by the county by finishing the renovation punch list, will be deducted from the final paycheck to the initial contractor.