First All Female Work Details from Whitworth Go Out Today

February 4, 2013

The first waves of female inmates have arrived at the Whitworth Detention Center in Hart County.

Today marks the first day that the detention center will send out the all female work details. County Administrator Bob Thomas explains how this detail will work.

“What that will be is a roving detail to do clean up on the administration building, the courthouse, the civic center, and some other county buildings that we have here now”, said Thomas.

Each Monday the county and city of Elberton plan on splitting the detail, with both getting anywhere between three to four hours of work from the work group.

According to Thomas, Whitworth is working on assembling groups capable of cutting grass, but says that is at least three or so weeks out.

He says that the county is going to give it a shot, because it would cost double to contract that same work out.

“We are going to try that with Whitworth to see how it works for us and make sure the transition goes well”, explained Thomas. “We did get some estimates for grass cutting and they are about twice as much as we are paying the Whitworth facility. So we are at the point where the economics are telling us that we have to try it and see if it works for us.”

Thomas said that the county is still working with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office about assembling some local prison work details.

“We’re still working with the sheriff about that to try and see if we can get some details once a week at least picking up some trash along side the highway”, said Thomas.

Trash on Elbert County highways is becoming a big problem said Thomas, which is why the county is also working with the probation office about assembling crews to clean up trash for community service.