First Building at Old Hawes Center Property Completely Demolished

February 7, 2014

Demolition work is virtually complete on a portion of the old Hawes Center property located off of Mill Street.

The front building of the structure has been completely demolished, and according to Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas, about a day’s worth of debris clean-up is left before being completely done.

The City of Elberton, Elbert County Board of Commissioners, and Elbert County Board of Education came together about working with one another to help demolish the structure through an intergovernmental agreement that was passed in full on November 18th, 2013.

Thomas says everything has gone well with the agreement so far.

“The city has helped out with the tearing down and the hauling off, and we have even borrowed some equipment from them, so that has worked out real well”, said Thomas.

In the agreement, it was left up to the school board to decide the fate of the back part of the building, which Thomas says is what they are waiting on now.

“We’re waiting on the school board now to make the decision about the back part as to whether or not that is going to be torn down or they are going to try and refurbish it or what”, said Thomas.

At this time the gym on the property will remain in tact as the school board will try and sell the gym or find a group or organization to take it over.

However, the board also can choose to demolish the gym as well, at which time Thomas said the governing bodies would gather again to discuss an agreement about that potential project.