First Ever ECCHS “Reality Store” a Tremendous Success

April 29, 2013

ECCHS Freshmen try and get their finances in order during the Reality Store.

The Elbert County Comprehensive High School is coming off its first ever time hosting the “Reality Store” after this past Friday.

Denise Brown with ECCHS said this event has been nearly six months in the making.

She says the feedback she received from students is what they were hoping to achieve.

“We’ve had a good response from the kids, I talked to several of them and they told me they had no idea it cost so much to live”, said Brown.

The event was a freshmen only affair, and according to Brown, it’s probably going to remain a freshmen only event for the foreseeable future.

She explains how the high school was able to host such a unique event.

“Back in July of 2012 our school was awarded an $8,500 dollar grant from the Georgia Appalachian Center for Higher Education”, said Brown. “The whole purpose of that organization is to encourage students to continue their education and training after high school.”

Over twenty volunteers consisting of local business employees, former educators, and current educators helped with the event last Friday.

Brown says the plan is for this event to become a part of the regular curriculum for freshmen at ECCHS.

Students understanding the cost of living.

“Our principal Renee Padgent is committed to us trying to do this gain next year”, said Brown. “The expense was this year, so next year we plan to reuse a lot of materials, and hopefully include this in the curriculum next year as well.”

Approximately two hundred freshmen participated in the first ever “Reality Store” on Friday.