First Ever FHF VBS Camp Considered Successful

July 2, 2013

The first annual Friends Helping Friends of Bekkah VBS camp has gone down on the calendar as huge success in its debut

FHF Founding Sponsor Sandy Adams says the turnout for the inaugural camp was great.

“We had about forty to forty-five kids with special needs at the camp, and the rest of the hundred participants were volunteers, adults, and other FHF members”, said Adams.

Also at the VBS camp were Coach Jon Brewer and Coach Jeff Adams, who practiced baseball with the kids to get them ready for a little league that will be starting up in the fall.

Adams shares her gratitude for the community’s role in the camp.

“It was really a wonderful time, I am so glad that the community came together to put on a wonderful ministry for kids that have special needs”, said Adams.

Friends Helping Friends provides exceptional educational opportunities for students who have special needs throughout the year at no cost to the school system or to the students served.

All FHF sponsors, volunteers, and student members pay their own way for each trip/ event, receive no compensation, and make contributions for the students who have special needs.

If you are interested in donating you can mail your donation to Friends Helping Friends ECCHS 600 Abernathy Circle, Elberton, GA.

All donations are tax deductible.