First Function for Bowman’s New City Attorney

February 19, 2013

The Bowman City Council held a work session yesterday evening to run over agenda items prior to their regularly scheduled meeting coming up on February 25th.

At the work session, the council got to hear from their new city attorney for the first time since parting ways with Attorney Doug Kidd.

Andrea Grant went before the council, and briefly talked about one of the things she wanted to establish as the city’s attorney.

“One of the things I hope in a near meeting that we can talk about is the protocols for my duties and contacting me”, said Grant. “I know budgeting is an important thing, and we can’t have bills being run up with contacting me.”

Grant previously worked with former Lavonia City Attorney Mike Green, who passed away back in May 2012.

Last night’s work session was Grant’s first official interaction with the Bowman City Council.