First of Two Street Dances Takes Place This Thursday

October 8, 2012

This Thursday night, weather pending, Elberton and Elbert County Residents will get the chance to cut a rug on the one way street on Elberton’s Downtown Square.

We have had people ask about doing something during the week. We do most of our concerts on the weekends, and people want something to do during the week”, said Herring. “People have asked for dancing in the streets for a while now, and on Thursday, that is exactly what they are going to get.”

According to Main Street Director Sissy Herring this Thursday and next Thursday are the two days that this event will be taking place. Herring details how Thursday night will work.

“DJ Boogeyman Kevin Blackmon will be on hand and he will play lots of good music. We will have tables set up on McIntosh Street. Come and dine at one of our downtown restaurants, and come dance the night away”, said Herring.

The music gets underway at 7:00pm, with the event concluding around 9:00pm this Thursday evening.

The next two weeks will act as a trial run to see if this is type of event can become a regular thing for the city of Elberton.