First Phase of ECCHS Renovations Getting Ready to Wrap Up

August 1, 2013

Diligent work continues on the campus of Elbert County Comprehensive High School, as contractors are putting the finishing touches on the first round of renovations.

According to Elbert County Superintendent Chuck Bell, everything is on track for August 12th’s return of students to the school.

Bell is expecting the renovations to have a very positive impact on the students.

“I think that once you step into the building you are going to have a new feel. I think that what’s important to us is that the effect is going to be a very positive one on the students, and ultimately on their performance while they are at school”, said Bell. “With that in mind, I think its going to have a big impact on the culture there at Elbert County Comprehensive High School.”

The only thing that will not be complete by the time the new school year begins is the work on the school’s roof, and according to Facilities Director Rick Mewborne, that is due in large part to all the rain Elbert County has received.

Mewborne says several things have been done in this first phase of renovations such as new paint on the walls, new ceilings, new doors, and new windows.

He says one thing is especially proud of is the work that has been put into the school’s new bathrooms.

“I think all the students will appreciate what we have done in there. Everything has been taken back to block walls and redone”, explained Mewborne. “We hope that they will enjoy these restrooms and once they see them, they will appreciate what we have done for them.”

Superintendent Bell says the renovations have added what he called “newness” to the upcoming school year.

“We have a lot of that right now; of course with me coming into this position, new school improvement plans, and new system strategic plan”, said Bell. “We are a very forward looking system, and we believe we have a vision that is really going to get going come August 5th, which is right around the corner.”

Once the first phase of renovations have concluded, the next projects that the school system will focus on will be the entrance and front office, as well as a new building for the high school’s band and JROTC programs.

Those projects are expected to be put out to bid in the fall.