First Rabies Case of 2013 in Elbert County

February 21, 2013

Another rabid animal case has surfaced here in Elbert County.

Elbert County Animal Control Officer Jeff Simpson said that the incident occurred in the Harmony Road/Anderson Highway area back on February 11th.

“The skunk was trying to attack a family dog, and the owner had actually killed the skunk, which came back positive for rabies”, said Simpson. “We’ve also had another case in the last three days within a half mile of that area where another skunk was seen and put down for trying to chase another dog.”

This is the first confirmed rabies case in Elbert County in 2013. Simpson said that recent activity may be a cause in recent wild animal activity.

“They are logging the hunting preserve area right now, and we think that is driving them out of their habitat”, explained Simpson.

The dog that was attacked is still quarantined, as its rabies vaccinations had lapsed. The animal is currently under veterinarian care.

Simpson warns residents in the area to keep an eye out for unusual animal behavior and to take precautions to not attract any extra wild life.

Simpson says, “We just ask that you do not leave out excess food for your pets, because that is always an attractant for wild animals.”

He says to also be sure that your pet is up to date on its rabies vaccinations.

Be sure to report any incidents of animal bites to Elbert County Animal Control at (706) 283-5054.