First Two Public Hearings for County’s Millage Increase Scheduled for Today

August 21, 2013

The first of two public hearings concerning the Elbert County Board of Commissioners intent to increase the millage rate takes place later this morning.

The proposed one mil increase is intended to help fund economic development, as well as to give the county employees a pay increase, which is something that has not happened in over five years.

During the commission’s regular meeting on August 12th, Commission Chair Tommy Lyon said now is the time for the county to step up.

“We’ve got to make our county grow or we are going to whither away on the vine, and I think this is a time for us to step up”, said Lyon.

Commissioner Kenneth Ashworth echoed the same sentiment, and said what has been working in the past, isn’t working anymore.

“If we keep doing things the way we have been doing them, its not going to work”, said Ashworth. “We have got to come up with some way to get more industry. If it takes us raising the millage rate by one mill, with ¾ going to economic development, and the other ¼ going to help our employees, then we have to do it.”

The first public hearing begins at 11:30am, and will be held in the Board of Commissioners meeting room located inside the Elbert County Government Complex.

Later this evening, the second public hearing will be held at 6:00pm in the same location as the first one.

The public is invited to attend both hearings.