First Volunteer Clean Up Day in Bowman Goes Quite Well

April 8, 2014

Not too far down the road for the city of Bowman is its Big Iron Crank Up, and ahead of that event, a volunteer day to help clean up the city was held this past Saturday.

Nearly twenty strong turned out this weekend, and Bowman City Mayor Pete Gibbons said it was a great turnout.

“We had a great turnout this weekend; we were just trying to get some community involvement together to help revitalize the downtown in preparation of the big iron crank up”, said Gibbons. “I think the community agreed, because we had 17 people come out and donate their beautiful Saturday afternoon to help us clean up. I am very grateful for my neighbors who came out to work that day.”

In addition to trash being picked up all over the city, Gibbons said some work was done on Bowman’s iconic well on the downtown square, such as some maintenance work and a fresh coat of paint.

Gibbons, however, said there was still quite a bit left to be accomplished in terms of getting the city back in peak physical shape.

“We can always improve, it didn’t fall apart overnight in Bowman and it’s not going to get fixed overnight, but to see 17 people come out and spend a good hard day of working shows the community is dedicated to fixing up Bowman, and we will just keep doing it little by little”, said Gibbons. “As long as we are taking a step forward, we are going in the right direction.”

Several different people and organizations chipped in this weekend, and Gibbons said he would be remorse if he didn’t get the chance to thank them for their contributions.

“We are grateful to Keep Elbert County Beautiful, who provided a lot of materials and things to help us clean up. Wayne Mullinex with Mullinex Construction donated a whole dumpster for the clean up efforts, so we really appreciate those around the community helping us as well”, said Gibbons.

This was the first volunteer day held in Bowman, but Gibbons said he would eventually like to see these kinds of efforts become more common in the city.

One idea Gibbons liked was to hold a clean up day just ahead of every major event that takes place in the city of Bowman, or to gather two to three times a year to clean up.