Former Abbeville Co. Sheriff Goodwin Wants to be Remembered for Body of Work

January 23, 2013

Its five years probation for former Abbeville County Sheriff Charles Goodwin, who pleaded guilty on a misconduct in office charge on Friday in Greenville, SC.

The charge stemmed from an incident where Goodwin received cash “kickbacks” from county funds, and from using a South Carolina Department of Corrections inmate to do personal work for Goodwin and his family.

In court, Goodwin apologized to his family and citizens of Abbeville County for his actions in office. He also asked to be remembered for his entire body of work, as opposed to the actions that led to his downfall.

“I can only hope that I will be judged as a whole, not based upon a few actions, but upon the entire body of work”, said an emotional Goodwin, “One day I hope to be remembered not just for my actions that caused my down fall, but for my service and commitment to the people of Abbeville County.”

Along with five year probation, Goodwin was sentenced to one hundred hours of community service and ordered to pay a restitution of $4,445.