Franklin County Discusses Alternative Financing Plan for Jail Expansion

April 11, 2014

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia


A Franklin County Commissioner says he has an alternative plan to fund the expansion of the Franklin County Detention Center.

The current jail is designed to hold 76 inmates, but has a population today of almost twice that.

After reviewing the county’s budget and finances Commissioner Jeff Jacques said he came up with a plan that would use monies from the county’s $1.8 million dollar reserve fund that are now sitting in a CD.

Jacques also recommended dropping the idea of combining the jail expansion with a plan to extend natural gas service throughout the county.

Commissioner Clint Harper, who sits on the natural gas subcommittee, noted it would be at least a year before the City of Royston would have the cost figures ready on the gas expansion.

Jacques then proposed the County do the jail pod construction in phases.

“I would like to keep the costs to a minimum, so while utilizing these funds, I would like to just construct two of the four pods now and wait to finish the project when additional funds become available,” he said.

Commissioner David Strickland, who came up with the bond issue idea, said Jacques’ plan was a good one but expressed concerns the fund balance would drop too low.

After hearing from Jacques, all commissioners agreed the plan was valid, but no vote was taken.

The board plans to discuss it again at their next work session later this month.