Franklin County Probate Judge Eddie Fowler Indicted

September 27, 2012

Franklin County Probate Judge Eddie Fowler has been indicted by a grand jury on one count of misdemeanor sexual battery.

The indictment claims that on August 16th, Fowler “intentionally made physical contact with the intimate parts of the body” of a female county employee named in the indictment, without her consent.

Before the grand jury met last week, Fowler’s attorney Daniel Moore asked that each member of the grand jury be interviewed on camera as to whether the members had any preconceived opinions against Fowler.

And he asked that if any juror answered in the affirmative, that they be excused.

Moore asked for the interviews because he claimed his client had received a lot of negative local and national publicity after his arrest.

However, Northern Judicial Circuit assistant district attorney Adam Schroeder countered that it is against the law to cross examine the prosecution’s witnesses during a grand jury hearing.

Schroeder said Fowler under Georgia law, was allowed to make a statement at the end of the witnesses’ testimony and nothing more.

Fowler was arrested August 31st after a GBI investigation and released on bond.  He is currently taking a leave of absence from the Probate Court office.

Fowler has served as county probate judge for 16 years and is due to retire in December.   Franklin County attorney, Dale “Bubba” Samuels is acting as the Associate Probate Judge in Fowler’s absence.