Franklin County Students Return to Campus Under Construction

August 20, 2012

Construction is underway on the campus of Franklin County High School in Carnesville and that means students will have some adjustments to make this new school year.

Last week, students came back to campus for the first time since half of the original high school building was torn down. One of the first things students received was a map and a tour of the campus.

Last Tuesday, Principal Wayne Randall said for the first few days of class, getting around to class will be a learning curve for new and returning students.

“I think in the first few days they’ll have to find their routes,” Randall said. “That’s what Paws Day is all about. They can actually walk their schedule. So they should have a good idea Friday on where to go and the best routes to get there between periods.”

Another change for students and parents is parking on campus. Randall said there should actually be more spaces available this year – even with the construction.

“We have our school maps laid out and our signage out front,” he said. “We still have about 225 asphalt spaces for the kids to have. We have also extended the parking lot in the front and it’s going to hold 100 more spaces.”

Half of the old core classroom building has been torn down. Randall said they will continue to use the back half of the old core building until the first phase of the new two-story building is complete.

Total construction time is expected to take about two years at a cost of $15-million dollars.

By MJ Kneiser, WLHR Radio, Lavonia