Friends Helping Friends Basketball Game Raises Over 1K

November 19, 2012

This past Friday the annual Friends Helping Friends student vs. coaches’ basketball game was held and was a great success. The final score for this game was 104 to 0 students keeping their winning streak.

Coaching and preparing the students for this game was Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Jeff Bennum, talked about his team’s effort.

“The game went great. Before the game I told these guys to come out and give a hundred percent effort, and they did that. They played with a lot of energy, and played shut down defense”, said Bennum. “I haven’t seen a whole lot of games like that with such a difference in the score. I am just proud of their effort, and I would put them up against anyone in the country.

The game raised $1,000.00 and all funds raised will benefit Honorary Senior officer Sydney Vickery who was diagnosed with encephalitis this past July.

According to Sandy Adams there were approximately over 800 people in attendance for the game.