Friends Helping Friends Basketball Game to be Held Tomorrow Morning

November 15, 2012

Friends Helping Friends will be having their annual Student vs. Coaches basketball game on Friday November 16th.

This basketball game will be held to raise money for an Honorary Senior officer Sydney Vickery; she has helped organize multiple trips and helped in many ways with Friends Helping Friends. Sydney was diagnosed in July with encephalitis and is facing long term rehab.

All ECCHS students and public will have the opportunity to attend this basketball with a minimum donation of just one dollar to help Sydney and her family. Mrs. Sandy Adams explains more about what will go on at the game.

“The middle school and high school students who have special needs will be playing basketball against the coaches, unless they want to be a cheerleader”, said Mrs. Adams.

The basketball game will be this Friday November 16th starting at 9:25 a.m. and will be held at the Elbert County High School gymnasium.