FY 2012 Audit Comes Back Positive for EC Commissioners

December 21, 2012

The Elbert County Commissioners fiscal year 2012 audit is complete, and the report is a positive one.

Dan Walker and Wayne Tuck of Walker and Associates, CPSs, PC; were in attendance at a called meeting Wednesday morning to the present the findings of the fiscal year 2012 audit.

According to County Administrator Bob Thomas, this was the earliest an audit has been presented in his tenure with Elbert County.

Walker was the key presenter of the audit, and reported that based on evidence of statements provided that the numbers are an accurate reflection of what happened. Walker said that revenues were generally the same as fiscal year 2011’s.

“Sometimes we don’t have a lot we can do about revenues, and often times there is a whole lot we can do about expenditures, that is something that can apply to all levels of government”, said Walker.

Expenditures in FY 2011 were roughly 9.5 million dollars; in FY 2012, expenditures were down to roughly 9,085,000. Walker said that alone was a very impressive feat.

“That’s roughly 5%. That’s huge to me, and that shows some very positive hands on control and management of the situation”, said Walker.

Walker also noted that Elbert County was in line with how some of their other clients have reacted given the tough economy.