GA and SC Wildlife Agencies Announce Undercover Operation

February 22, 2013

State and Federal Officials in North Carolina and Georgia announced an undercover operation, called Operation Something Bruin, which included eighty wildlife violators and some nine hundred and eighty violations.

COL Eddie Henderson is the chief of Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division’s Law Enforcement Sector.

He says that several different agencies were involved with the operation.

“Basically it’s a mutli-agency initiative, which included GA DNR, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the US National Park Service”, said Henderson.

Henderson explains how law enforcement agencies were able to build a case against the offenders.

“Using undercover techniques, our officers and agents began to infiltrate groups that we expected were poaching, and they would obtain and gather any information about possible violations”, said Henderson.

He details some of the primary charges that are pending as a result of the operation.

“Such as hunting bear out of season, hunting bear over bait, hunting deer at night, hunting from a vehicle, hunting from a public road, and hunting from a closed wildlife management area”, explained Henderson. “That is to just give you an idea of some of the charges that have been made.”

Charges were made in several counties which include Fannin, Union, White, Lumpkin, Rabun, Greene, Taliferro, and Wilkes Counties.

To report any wild life crimes, you can contact Georgia’s Turn in Poachers line toll free at 1-800-241-4113.