GA Unemployment Down, Awaiting on County by County Unemployment Breakdown

September 30, 2013

A decrease in Georgia’s unemployment numbers, albeit a small one, but a decrease nonetheless.

The Georgia Department of Labor announced that Georgia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased to 8.7 percent in August, down from July’s mark of 8.8 percent.

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler says it seems the private sector is finally beginning to show signs of stabilization.

“We saw something a bit different, if you look back at trends over the last four to five years, we would see the private sector grow during this period”, said Butler. “What we saw was the private sector grow during the previous two months, which is when the private sector typically loses jobs. So we are starting to see stabilization and change on how the private sector is responding to the economy.”

Butler also mentioned some interesting news regarding the state’s numbers in terms of initial jobless claims.

“We are actually seeing the lowest number of initial claims, that is the people who are recently laid off, since September 2007”, explained Butler. “That predates the recession so that is some very good news.”

Expected to be released in early October are the county by county unemployment numbers.

Elbert County is hoping for some positive news after July’s unemployment numbers came back at 11.7 percent for the county.