Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act Gets the Support of Congressman Collins

December 19, 2013

Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA) votes in favor for the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act, which came to a vote last week on the House of Representatives floor.

Named for a brave little girl who passed away only weeks ago from a painful struggle with brain cancer, the act redirects federal funds previously used to finance presidential campaigns and national political conventions towards pediatric research.

Speaking on the house floor, Congressman Collins said this legislation is a reminder that the government can do good things.

“Gabriella Miller reminds us that the government has the ability and obligation to strive for the greater good, to protect the innocent, and to preserve their future, and if we lose sight of that goal, then we have failed”, said Collins. “Most of my time has been spent fighting bad polices and bad politics, but today is different, today I stand before you saying we can do something, and we can help.”

Democrat Representative from New Jersey Frank Pallone Jr. when talking about the bill said quote “It is a disingenuous and empty attempt by the Republicans to divert attention from the fact that they have voted to cut research time and time again.”

Collins didn’t take the criticism from a number of democrats in the house to well, as he responded with his disappointment of that criticism.

“When you put a small step forward you are brought down to this floor and ridiculed, and said its window dressing. I am sorry, this is not window dressing, it is a step towards being the government we are called to be, and that is prioritizing, and that is putting faith back in a system in which people have lost faith”, said Collins.

The bill was initially proposed by Representative Gregg Harper from Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional district.

Ultimately, despite the criticism of house democrats, House Resolution 2019 passed with a vote of 295-103.