Gas Prices Decline Once Again, Begins to Slow

March 20, 2013

The price of a gallon of gas dropped again last week and the rate of decrease is expected to slow in the weeks ahead.

Oil prices also rose again as economic news fueled market optimism and the value of the dollar slid against the euro.

Last week, the value of the dollar fell against the euro and increased buying power for foreign investors, thus pushing oil prices higher.

AAA’s Manager of Regulatory Affairs Avery Ash says that a majority of states are paying less for gas than they did a year ago.

“While the recent price movement has varied by state, the year over year savings have been nearly universal”, said Ash. “Motorists in every state with the lone exception being North Dakota, pay less than the same day last year.”

The national average price of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.69, 1 cent less than last week. Georgia’s average of $3.59 fell 5 cents from last week, respectively.

According to, the low price for retail gas in Elbert County is $3.59; in Wilkes County the price is lower once again at $3.55; and in Lincoln County the price is $3.55, same as in Wilkes.