Gas Prices Surprisingly Continue a Downward Trend in Georgia/Elbert County

August 15, 2013

Money DeclinePump prices are moving in a positive direction for motorists and are now below year-ago levels.

In the Southeast, motorists are paying an average of 11 cents less than they did a year ago today.

Retail gas prices look to be on a downward trend that could last into Labor Day weekend.

U.S. refinery output jumped as more refineries went back online and the increased gasoline supply has led to lower wholesale and retail prices.

Echoing the same sentiment from last week’s AAA Fuel Gauge Report, AAA’s Manager of Regulatory Affairs Avery Ash says there is a chance fuel prices increase.

“Gas prices have the potential to increase due to possible late summer hurricanes and refinery problems”, explained Ash. “These types of issues can disrupt production, distribution, and gasoline supply at a time when many are fueling their cars for summer travel.”

And just like last week, he says that there is an equal chance prices can hold steady.

“If no major hurricanes threaten the gulf coast and refineries continue to run smoothly heading into the mid-September changeover to winter blend gasoline; prices could remain flat or decline even further”, said Ash.

The national average price of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.56, 6 cents less than last week.

Georgia’s average of $3.46 decreased 3 cents from last week respectively.

The low price in Elbert County is down a penny from last week to $3.18 for regular retail gasoline.