Gas Prices Up Across the Board, Still Expected to Decline Moving Forward

October 23, 2013

As forecast, retail gas prices moved higher last week after the government struck a deal to reopen and raise the debt ceiling.

However the jump in pump prices was premature and it’s likely they will plateau in the coming weeks.

AAA Spokesperson Jessica Brady, with the Auto Club Group, said gas prices have remained lower than what they could have been giving the different factors in play.

“Concerns overseas in the Mid East where there was potential room for disruptions of major oil producing countries, which never occurred. We have some of that allowing prices to go down, along with the fact that we didn’t see any real major hurricanes this year”, said Brady.

Another reason, she says, that gas prices are generally cheaper this time of year is the switch to winter blend gasoline, which is cheaper than summer blend gasoline.

“The EPA requires that certain additives be put in the fuel during the hot summer months because of emission purposes”, said Brady. “During the fall and winter we don’t have the concerns about the heat, and therefore we are not required to have those additives in the fuel in the cooler months.”

The national average price of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.35, 1-cent more than last week.

Georgia’s average of $3.30 increased 6 cents from last respectively.

The low gas price in Elbert County is up a nickel from last week’s mark of $3.12 to $3.17.