GATE Program Now in Effect for Georgia Agriculture Producers

November 21, 2012

On November 16th, Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black, Georgia Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall, and Georgia House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee Chairman Tom McCall; announced that the Georgia Department of Agriculture will now be taking applications for the Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption program.

The new program, known as GATE, was created by Georgia House Bill 386. Clay Talton, with the UGA Cooperative Extension Elbert County, detailed what the new program entails.

“It offers the qualified agriculture producers a sales tax exemption on agriculture equipment and production inputs”, said Talton. “This program will actually replace the current Agriculture Certification of Exemption Form that we currently have in place now.”

House Bill 386 specifically broadens the sales tax exemptions for agricultural inputs by including equipment parts, energy used in production of an agricultural product and other inputs which were previously not exempt. The bill also includes a phased-in, broad-based sales tax exemption on all energy used in manufacturing.

Talton said there are two ways that agriculture producers can apply for the newly formed program.

“Producers can currently do it online; they will be charged a twenty dollar fee for an online application, which doesn’t take long at all”, said Talton. “There is also a mail-in form, which costs a twenty-five dollar fee.”

For more information about the new program call 1-800-FARMTAX, or visit