Georgia Dept. of Education on School Nutrition

August 19, 2013

The new school year is still fresh in Elbert County and surrounding areas, and one thing that is a key part of school is school breakfast and lunch.

New federal guidelines for school nutrition have been in place for a while now, and many schools are now beginning to conform to those new guidelines.

Sarah Combs with the Georgia Department of Education’s School Nutrition Program, says a majority of changes will be noticed this year in Georgia school’s breakfast.

“There will be some changes to breakfast including more different products as schools will begin to offer more rich grains, and may even some more fruits and vegetables as schools work towards those guidelines set to be in place next school year”, said Combs.

For students that have certain food allergies, she mentions that schools will work with parents and students to make sure the food they are served is safe for them to eat.

“The parents would need to provide a doctor’s note explaining the special dietary need; if it is a life threatening disability what needs to happen”, explained Combs. “The schools will work with the parents to offer foods that are safe for their children.”

For parents who like to pack a lunch for their children, Combs recommends something that can be kept cold such as sandwiches, pasta salads, and similar items as microwaves are probably not an option for a majority of students at school.

She also says that including water, milk, or fruit juice is a great drink for children who prefer to bring their own lunch.