Georgia DNR Continues to Investigate Massive Fish Kill North of Augusta

July 31, 2013

A mass fish kill has occurred about nine miles north of Augusta, GA near an area referred to as Betty’s Branch, a tributary of the Savannah River.

The initial report from over the weekend indicated that just over five thousand fish were dead, but that number jumped up to between ten and twelve thousand yesterday.

Georgia DNR Fish Expert Keith Weaver says a majority of the fish found dead were that of a smaller type.

“The fish that were identified and measured were of smaller size classes, what most people would consider brim”, explained Weaver.

Best guess at this point is that the fish died from low oxygen levels in the water, and Weaver says they are doing their due diligence to confirm that.

“We took water quality samples around the area, in the kill zone, and the outside”, said Weaver. “Best way to describe the next step is like putting a puzzle together to determine what caused this particular fish kill.”

How does one go about cleaning up that amount of dead fish? Well, Weaver says that organisms, water birds, and terrestrial critters will handle the bulk of the workload.

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