Georgia DNR Finds Cause of Death of Four Dolphins off GA Coast

December 11, 2013

The Georgia DNR has confirmed that the disease that killed four dolphins along the Georgia coast is the same bug that killed more than 800 dolphins along the east coast so far.

“This die off started in the mid Atlantic this summer, and it has slowly progressed southward as the dolphins have been migrating south for the winter”, said DNR’s Wildlife biologist Clay George. “So we’ve seen a real uptick starting in November.”

George said it’s a measles-like virus that is not infectious to humans.

He says that fisherman and beach goers can help the DNR by reporting any accounts of distressed or deceased mammals.

“People that come across one whether they are a boater or beach goer can report them, and we are doing our best to track the spread of the disease, and the impact it is having on the local populations”, explained George. “The best way to do that is by calling 1-877-WHALEHELP.”

A future concern for the area, is when the North Atlantic Right Whale arrives, which George says should be in just over a month.