Georgia DNR Needs Your Help With Choosing New Tag Designs

August 27, 2012

Four new wildlife vehicle license plates are coming to Georgia, and the Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division wants the public to help select the best tag design.

A share of purchases and renewals of the new tag will go toward conservation and habitat restoration efforts for the Nongame Conservation Section, the Bobwhite Quail Initiative (BQI) and the Trout Restoration Program of the DNR’s Fisheries Management Section.

The deadline to vote on the new tag designs is September 15, 2012.  The winning designs will then be announced and made available shortly afterward in local tag offices and for on-line renewals.  Specialty plates cost $60, and there is an annual renewal cost of $35.

Georgians can vote for the new wildlife tags at  Simply click on the “Make Your Vote Count” link, fill out the short survey and cast a vote for your favorite tag design.

Tag Descriptions:

Nongame wildlife tags, supporting the state’s Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund – Two designs will be chosen including Blue heron in a shoals river scene; green tree frog; bald eagle soaring above Georgia pines; hummingbird with trumpet creeper; bald eagle with American flag; painted bunting; and North Atlantic right whale.

Bobwhite Quail Initiative tags, supporting the Bobwhite Quail Initiative – Mother quail and chicks; flushing covey with a white-tailed deer; and turkey and a flushing quail with a white-tailed buck.

Trout (Trout Unlimited) tags supporting the Fisheries Management Section trout conservation program – Brook trout; rainbow trout; trio including brook, rainbow and brown trout; and a brook trout chasing a fly.