Georgia DNR Unveils New Birthday Fishing/Hunting Bonus

July 19, 2013

Starting this month, Georgia residents who have a boat registered with the state can fish on the birthday and for two days after as part of their boat registration fee.

Georgia DNR Marketing Manager Jennifer Hancock says the offer works the same as a three day hunting/fishing license.

“Every registered boater in the state of Georgia has the opportunity to fish and hunt for free on their birthday and the two days after it”, explained Hancock. “All they need to do is have their vessel registration and driver’s license, and it works just like a three day hunt/fish combo license.”

This new feature is a result of new legislation for the state of Georgia that went into effect earlier this month on July 1st.

According to a press release from the Georgia DNR, there are roughly 300,000 registered boaters in the state, and Hancock says it’s a great way for boaters who don’t fish to pick up the hobby.

“I think we will find out exactly who will benefit the most from it as we go into this new program”, said Hancock. “We felt like the people that boat and don’t fish, we wanted to give them an opportunity to try it and see if it’s a past time that they would really enjoy, because boating and fishing go hand in hand.”

To continue fishing after the three day period has passed, all you have to do says Hancock, is visit

In Georgia, all mechanically propelled vessels, and sailboats longer than twelve feet used on state waters must be registered.

To register your aquatic vessel, simply go to