Georgia DOT Lane Closure Suspensions Go Into Effect Today at Noon

July 3, 2013

The Georgia Department of Transportation is implementing the suspension of lane closures beginning today for the Independence Day travel period.

Teri Pope, Spokesperson for the Georgia DOT, says they have implemented this policy any time there is a major travel holiday.

“Because there is going to be more vehicles on the roadway than typical, and it’s also our construction season, we put clauses in our contracts that forbid lane closures on these high volume travel weekends”, said Pope. “This coming weekend there will be no construction related lane closures.”

While lane closures are suspended, Pope does say that there are a few conditions in which lanes will be closed during the travel period such as emergency repair work and in the unfortunate incident there is an vehicular accident.

Construction related lane closures will be suspended beginning at noon today and will carry on until 5:00am on Monday, July 8th.

Pope urges travelers to still maintain caution and to be alert while traveling through construction areas, as things may not be like they were prior to this year.

“We do want you to know that things will not be perfect on the road way; if you are going somewhere you haven’t been in a long time, there is likely there is a work zone on the route where traffic might be shifted over a couple of lanes, barrels will be all over the place, and there will be equipment in the zones”, explained Pope. “We want you to know that it may look differently than the last time you were there, so pay attention and slow down.”

Those making travel plans can check road conditions any time by visiting, or by calling 511 on any phone for free, real time traffic updates.