Georgia DOT Suspending Construction Lane Closures for Memorial Day Weekend

May 23, 2014

The Georgia Department of Transportation aims to make traveling this Memorial Day weekend a little less hectic.

Beginning at noon today, all construction related lane closures will be suspended and will remain suspended until 5:00am Tuesday, May 27th.

Georgia DOT Spokesperson Teri Pope says contract clauses allow closures to be lifted on high volume travel periods.

“Most everybody drives somewhere different over the holiday, so Georgia DOT has stopped contractors from having lane closures over the holiday weekend”, explained Pope.

Even though lanes will be open to traffic, Pope says to be mindful of your surroundings while traveling, as there will still be plenty of construction equipment along some of Georgia’s roadways.

“Now there are still construction work zones all over the state. You can’t fix everything and put it back to normal before the holiday weekend”, says Pope. “We do want you to be aware, if you are going somewhere you have not been in a while, you’re likely going to go through some work zones. There will be traffic shifts, and will also be barrels and equipment alongside of the road.”

Now, the Georgia DOT does mention that some work may continue on lesser-traveled state and local roads, and also note that emergency maintenance could become necessary at any time.

Pope says Georgia 511 is a good tool to utilize with that being the case.

“You can get real time traffic information about crashes/lane closures on your path”, she said.

Motorists can access that information by simply dialing 5-1-1 from any phone.

More information about traffic is also available at