Georgia Governor Deal Speaks at UGA Yesterday

April 8, 2014

Parts of the state that complain about not getting a fair share of business and industrial development have been told to step up and do more.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, speaking at the University of Georgia yesterday, offered some advice on making local areas more enticing for businesses.

“They should follow the lead of the State of Georgia and agree to rollback the local portion of sales tax on energy used in manufacturing, because the law did not require local jurisdictions to do that, it made it an option”, said Deal in his address.

Another issue touched on by Deal during his address, is all about having a positive attitude towards trying to land new business.

“I think it is just to have a good attitude about things, because one of the secret ingredients that causes people to come to Georgia, is that they like us, they really do”, said Deal.

Deal said the state does not always control what developers see and do not see in certain parts of the Georgia.

He says a majority of the decisions made by potential businesses are handled by consultants.

“The reality is we don’t totally direct that, normally they come in and have consultants. The reason for that is because businesses rely on their judgments”, explained Deal. “If we can make friends with the consultants, we have a whole lot better chance of making friends with the company.”

In 2013, the state of Georgia was named the nations best business climate by Site Selection, edging out North Carolina.