Georgia Governor’s Spokesman Pushing New Severe Weather App

June 18, 2014

The summer storm season will be getting similar treatment as this past winter’s numerous storms.

It is a result of Governor Nathan Deal’s Severe Winter Weather Taskforce.

A new notification system, in the form of a smartphone app, is now available with new and improved localized warnings for any kind of severe weather.

Brian Robinson is the Governor’s Spokesman, and said they needed a better way to communicate with Georgians.

He says the app gives you potentially life saving information on emergency situations, which is great since we are now officially into hurricane season.

Robinson says the app includes a variety of other information as well.

“Its also going to have updated traffic information, its going to have shelter information in case of events like floods or severe winter storms”, said Robinson.

He says the app is the best way to communicate with a majority of the state’s population.

“We know almost everybody has some type of smartphone device, at least a significant portion of the population does”, explains Robinson. “So, this is the most effective way to communicate cheaply and directly with people in all corners of this very big state.”

According to Robinson, a smartphone app is much more effect than posting information to a website.

“People are much more likely to look at alerts coming to their smartphone than they are to go to a website and look for certain information”, said Robinson. “This is direct to you information.”

If you would like to download the app on your Apple or Android smartphone, you can do so by visiting the website