Georgia Governor’s Wife Wraps up Read Across Georgia Tour

June 6, 2013

The Governor’s Wife, Sandra Deal, has wrapped up her read across Georgia tour.

Her goal was to read to children in all the one hundred and eighty-one school districts in the state.

Deal says she really enjoyed her time reading to the kids over the last year and a half.

“It was really a privilege to go to the different schools all over the state and be accepted and be allowed to read to the children”, said Deal. “I really enjoyed it, and I think the children enjoyed it as well.”

In an interview with GNN’s John Clark, the question about what parents can do to help their kids read more was presented, and Deal said there are a couple of different ways to approach that subject.

“They can read to their children as that intimacy of reading to a child is a precious time in a child’s life that the child knows the parents care enough to sit down and read with them”, explained Deal. “They also can discuss those things they read and relate those stories to how they apply in real life situations.”

As many know, one of those stops across the state for the Governor’s wife was right here in Elbert County.