Georgia Hunters Looking Forward to the Start of Duck Hunting Season Tomorrow

November 22, 2013

The day that Georgia duck hunters have eagerly been waiting for is nearly here, and that is the opening of duck hunting season in Georgia.

State Waterfowl Biologist for the Georgia DNR Greg Balkcom explains what licenses and permits Georgia duck hunters will need this season.

“You need your normal hunting license, but in addition you need your Georgia Waterfowl License, Federal Duck Stamp, and your free HIP permit”, said Balkcom.

The Georgia DNR is all about safety, and those out hunting this season are reminded to follow the gun safety commandments, and use common sense by not hunting under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other sedatives.

Balkcom says it’s also encouraged that hunters be mindful of those they are hunting with.

“They are usually in close quarters, a lot of the hunters I know will be either in a boat or blind, so it is really important to pick out your zones and identify landmarks so you are not shooing across one another”, said Balkcom.

Those after Wood Ducks will be thrilled to know that Balkcom says the numbers are looking good for the Wood Duck population this season.

“Hatching success seemed to be good, and probably more importantly was the survival of those youngsters from hatching up until they are old enough to fly”, says Balkcom. “We had some really good brood-rearing habitat, and good young survival, so I suspect our local wood duck population should be pretty strong this year.”

Wood Ducks, according to Balkcom, are one of the most popular duck species sought after in Georgia.

Season dates for the 2013-2014 duck hunting season run from this Saturday November 23rd until December 1st, and after a week off, the season will resume on December 7th until January 26th, 2014.

Hunters wanting more information about the upcoming duck hunting season, can visit