Georgia Lakes Busy on the Memorial Day Weekend

May 29, 2014

Georgia lakes were busy as expected over the long Memorial Day weekend.

That comes as no surprise to Melissa Cummings with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.

“Typically our first big weekend of the summer each year, so we certainly expected it every year, and this past weekend was no exception”, explained Cummings.

She says the number of incidents was right on par with last year’s numbers, but that there was some good news, as the reported number of citations for boating under the influence decreased.

“This year looked almost identical to last year, with the exception being the BUIs. We were down almost ten BUIs across the state from last year’s numbers”, she said.

Alcohol, according to Cummings, is not a substance that is prohibited on Georgia’s lakes.

“While its not illegal to have alcohol on a boat, we do want that operator to be as sober, as aware of all that is around them as they possible can”, said Cummings.

She says the DNR heavily encourages anyone operating an aquatic vessel to be completely sober and not under the influence of any substance.