Georgia Leads the Nation in Lightning Related Insurance Claims

July 2, 2014

Summer time is here and along with it, the typical afternoon thundershowers.

However, an electrifying trend is beginning to take shape in Georgia.

Over the last two years, Georgia has led the nation in insurance claims for lightning strikes.

“There were $15,000,000 for lightning claims in 2013, and in 2012 Georgia was also number one for insurance claims relating to lightning.”

State Farms’ Justin Tomzack says lightning is one of the leading causes of storm related deaths in the United States.

“It’s really an underrated danger, as it is actually the second leading cause of storm related death”, said Tomzack.

To protect yourself, he suggests seeking shelter immediately when a storm threatens and to avoid contact with any electrical appliances inside your home.

He also offers some advice on how to prevent potential damage to your home during a lightning storm.

“For protection, there are some things you are going to want to do, you are going to want to get a whole house surge protector, that is really the best starting point for reducing damage and even reducing the chances of a fire”, explained Tomzack.

Last year, twenty-eight people across the United States were killed by lighting.

85 percent of those deaths were children.