Georgia Power Customers Being Scammed, More Elbert County Residents Being Targeted by Phone Scammers

July 11, 2014

Georgia Power customers have been reporting scammers posing as Georgia Power employees making calls demanding that customers pay overdue bills or else their power will be cut off.

Georgia Power Spokesperson Carol Boatright says that is not how the company conducts business.

“Georgia Power will never call a customer over the phone and tell them to pay a bill via purchase of a money card”, said Boatright.

She says that Georgia Power has been notified of the scam by several customers and law enforcement agencies.

“We have had some calls from customers that have told us about the situation, and we have also been contacted by law enforcement agencies in cities around the state”, she says.

Boatright says there have been several hundred reports received throughout the state.

“We have had several hundred reports throughout the state already this year about this same type of scam being attempted or successfully completed”, added Boatright.

The company advises any customer with billing issues will be notified by a letter or pre-recorded message from the company in order to resolve any potential problem.


On a more local front, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complains that residents are receiving calls from people who claim to be working for credit card companies and are offering to lower the interest rate on their card.

A press release from the sheriff’s office confirms that this is indeed a scam, and that these people are asking for personal information.

Under no circumstances should you give anyone your personal or financial information over the phone.

You can either ignore those type of phone calls or report them to your local law enforcement agency.