Georgia Preparing for New Standardized Test Coming Next School Year

June 13, 2014

The last student scores for ever more have come in on the State’s CRCT, before a much harder achievement test takes its place.

In the upcoming school year, the new test will be called Georgia Milestone.

Back to the CRCT for the moment, 8th graders across the state were in the exceeding group.

“All of the content areas in the 8th grade, we saw an increase in the percentage of students exceeding the standards, so that’s the highest level of performance”, said Cardoza. “Again that’s where we really want to see all of our students are at that level.

Matt Cardoza, Director of Communications for the Department of Education, says they increased their scores in all CRCT standards areas, and by as much as four percent in science, while everyone else was flat.

He says eighth graders are a pivotal group, as their next step is ninth grade, the first year of high school; which is considered a critical year.

Cardoza says its time to move on from the CRCT to the new test, which he says will require a lot more of students and in the process, expects scores to drop.

“Right now, we have a multiple choice test and you are recognizing and locating an answer on a multiple choice test and scan tron, and in the future we are going to have some of that, but also a lot of open-ended questions”, explained Cardoza.

He feels that as everything closes out that the CRCT has served its purpose, but that it is time to move on to the new test, because it certainly gives a better idea of student success.