Georgia State Representative Morris Defends New Law on Food Stamp Drug Testing

June 6, 2014

Georgia’s new law that would require people on food stamps to be drug tested may have hit a snag.

The United States Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC says the new law that would require those suspected on using drugs to be drug tested, violates federal regulations.

State Representative Greg Morris is the sponsor of the bill and says he still supports it.

“In the ruling, they did allow for suspicion based drug testing, and that is how we crafted the bill”, said Morris.

Morris, so confident in fact, that he believes Georgia would win should the issue find its way to court.

“What we have to do is do what we think is right, and if it comes to the point of defending it in the court, then that is what we should do”, he added.

The Department says federal regulations say states cannot impose more eligibility standards, and that is what they claim Georgia’s new law would do.