Georgia Unemployment Rate Increases for the Month of June

July 21, 2014
State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler

The State of Georgia’s unemployment rate increased for the month of June.

The rate was 7.4 percent, which was two tenths of a percentage higher than May’s rate of 7.2 percent.

Its good news compared to this point last year when the state’s unemployment rate was 8.4 percent.

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler explains the increase stems from seasonal factors.

“This is the summer months where a lot of the schools let off, so we are seeing a lot of people leave the workforce temporarily due to those seasonal factors”, explained Butler.

Not deterred by the increase this month, Butler is taking into account that the whole year has been very positive for the state.

“If you take a look at over the year job growth, the state of Georgia has 81,000 more jobs this year than we did last year”, said Butler. “This, by the way, is one of our better over the year numbers since 2006, which predates the recession.”

In comparison to surrounding states and across the nation as a whole, Butler says that Georgia is right there at the top when it comes to over the year job growth numbers.

“We’re actually second in job growth in the southeast, and we are in the very top end of job growth in the nation”, said Butler. “When you compare us to the rest of the nation over the last twelve months of over the year job growth, we have been in or right near the top 10 in each of those months.”

In June there were 37,917 new claims for unemployment insurance, which was an increase of 14.2 percent from May.

The county by county unemployment numbers have not been released yet, but are expected to be revealed towards the end of the month.

Last month, Elbert County registered an unemployment rate of 8.4% for the month of May.