Georgia Unemployment Rate Increases to 9.3%

August 20, 2012

Georgia State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler

The Georgia Department of Labor announced on Friday afternoon that Georgia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased to 9.3 percent in July, which is up three-tenths of a percentage point from 9.0 percent in June.

The jobless rate was ten percent in July a year ago. State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said the jump in unemployment is nothing to be alarmed about.

“It’s not exactly the news we were hoping for, however, I don’t think it is anything to get too alarmed about.” said Butler. “The main reason being the fact that most of the reason for the rate going up is temporary layoffs. We saw a large number of seasonal layoffs in manufacturing, and most of those people have already gone back to work.”

Butler did say however, that there was indeed some good news that came out of the private sector.

“We did see the private sector create over 5,600 jobs so that is good news.” said Butler. “We would like to see the private sector grow at a lot faster rate, but I still think you are going to see some cautious hiring over the next few months until we have our elections in November.”

According to Butler, the transition from June to July has consistently seen an increase in the unemployment rate.

“We typically see these types of layoffs this time every year going all the way back to 2006. One thing we did notice this year is that the number of layoffs decreased by half the number it did back in 2006.” said Butler.

The state’s labor force increased by 7,731 new jobseekers to 4,765,132 in July, up from 4,757,401 in June. This makes fourteen out of fifteen months that Georgia’s Labor force as increased in size.