Georgia Wildlife Tags Now Available

June 14, 2013

Three new wild life license plate designs are now available in local tag offices, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division announced yesterday.

The new plate designs for the next generation of wildlife plates which include the soaring bald eagle, the bobwhite quail, deer and wild turkey, and the brook trout rising to a fly.

Wildlife Resources Division Director Dan Forster says it’s the DNR’s job to protect the more rare and unique wildlife in the state.

“Those things that aren’t hunted or fished for that are unique and rare; we obviously have a mission to protect those things in the long term”, said Forster.

He explains how Georgia motorists can acquire the new tags.

“You can request one of these license plates by either going to your county office, or when you get your renewal application in the mail, you can simply check the appropriate boxes”, said Forster.

Plates can be purchased for a fee of sixty dollars, plus the normal twenty dollar registration fee and ad valorem tax if required.

Vehicle owners who have any of the previous wildlife tags can retain and renew their tag a the specialty tag fee of thirty-five dollars, plus the twenty dollar normal tag fee and ad valorem tax if required.