Georgia’s 33rd District House of Representative Candidates Duke it Out During Political Forum

October 5, 2012

Incumbent Tom McCall address the crowd on hand

The focus of our political forum coverage now turns to the Georgia State Representative for District 33rd Race between Republican Incumbent Tom McCall and his Democratic opponent David Vogel.

With the State of Georgia’s level of education funding being one of the worst in the nation, the candidate were asked about what they would do to try and get more funding to Georgia schools. David Vogel was up first, and said that we could do a lot better.

“A D in education funding is not a good idea whether you call it 53% of the budget or not, we need to do a lot better”, said Vogel. “Classroom teachers do need a lot more freedom. Teaching is a creative activity, when you start telling teachers in detail what to do, they are not happy.”

Tom McCall’s response centered on trying to get parents more involved with their child in regards to their education.

“Throwing money at it is not the answer evidently, because we spent 53% of what our budget is on Kindergarten through College”, explained McCall. “It is the biggest chunk of the budget that we have to deal with. What we need to do, and I am not sure how you would legislate it, but we have got to get parents more involved.”

David Vogel has his turn at the mic during the forum

Both candidates were also asked about whether or not they would support the Charter School amendment, which is working its way through Georgia Legislators. Both McCall and Vogel said that they would not support the charter school amendment if they were elected to office.

Election Day is November 6th, with early voting beginning on October 15th.

If you were unable to attend the political forum yesterday evening, you can download the forum in its entirety at our website,, just click on News.