Good News and Bad News on January’s Job Numbers for Georgia

March 15, 2013

There is some good news and bad news when it comes to some of the recent data released by the Georgia Department of Labor.

Good news first, as the state’s overall labor numbers held steady from December to January at 8.7%; despite the state losing nearly 48,000 jobs.

State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler sees the silver lining however.

“Part of the good news in this, is that even though we lost almost 48,000 jobs going from December to January, that is the fewest amount Georgia has lost in that time period dating back to 1987”, said Butler.

Now for the bad news, the Georgia Department of Labor announced yesterday that the unemployment rate in the Northeast Georgia region rose to 8.2 percent in January, up three-tenths of a percentage point from 7.9 percent in December.

The rate was 9.0 percent a year ago.

The rate rose because there were 991 more new claims for unemployment benefits in areas such as construction, manufacturing, and health care and social assistance.

Metro Athens had the lowest area jobless rate at 6.6 percent, while metro Dalton and the Heart of Georgia-Altamaha region tied for the highest at 11.9 percent.