Good News Reported out of EMH Authority Meeting

May 29, 2013

The Elbert County Hospital Authority Board of Trustees met last night. The Board reported that the Elbert Memorial Hospital is financially stable and reported a profit from year to date.

Furthermore, the EMH will be receiving over $114,000 from Medicare after a mistake was made in 2008.

CFO Doug Faircloth also reported that they were currently working on the budget for the next fiscal year that he plans to present at the June meeting.

The Board voted and passed a motion to lease some much needed lab equipment as the current equipment has become outdated.

Also, AnMed Carolina OB/GYN is planning on establishing a new OB/GYN practice in Elberton.

EMH has started a new policy of Patient Photo ID.

Patients will be photographed when admitted to the Hospital for easier identification and to also protect patients from ID theft as stolen insurance cards has become a popular form of fraud.