Governor Deal Delivers State of the State Address

January 18, 2013

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal delivered his State of the State Address to the citizens and to the Georgia Legislature as well.

In his speech, the Governor said he wanted more funds to go towards the HOPE Scholarship program.

“Today I am happy to say that my budget will increase the HOPE Scholarship by 3% over last year”, said Deal, “bringing the total funds going to HOPE in FY 2014 to nearly 600 million dollars.”

The focus will also be on the HOPE Grant program for technical college students.

“My budget proposes to focus more funds within our HOPE Grant Program toward occupations where we know jobs are available and shortages actually exist”, said Deal.

Governor Deal also talked about unemployment, and the need to ensure that every high school student receive a diploma.

“We currently have the lowest unemployment rate we have experienced in nearly four years”, explained Deal. “It is still too high. That is why we must insist that every young person get a high school diploma; otherwise, they become the fuel that stokes the fires of the unemployment furnace.”

Finally, an issue that has been discussed for a while in the state legislature is ethics. Governor Deal said it’s imperative that both the house and senate come to an agreement on ethics reform.

“If the citizens of Georgia do not trust us, it will all be in vain, for the vibrations of distrust will crack even the strongest foundations”, said Deal.

Today is the final day the General Assembly will be in session. They will take a week off to hear from various departments about the 2014 FY Budget. The session convenes again on January 28th.