Granite Center Shrine Club to Hold 1st Ever Big Buck and Deer Raffle Contest

September 13, 2012

With the 2012-2013 Deer Hunting Season beginning to get into full swing, the Granite Center Shrine Club has come up with a new and creative fundraiser.

The idea was created when it was found out that the Shrine Club won’t be participating in this year’s Elbert County Fair. The new fundraiser will be the 1st Annual Deer Raffle and Big Buck Contest.

There will be three total categories for the contest, an adult (16 & up) and Youth (15 & under) Big Buck contest. There is a $25 entry fee in the adult category, with a cost of $20 for each additional buck; and in the youth category there will be a $15 initial entry fee, and a cost of $10 per each additional buck.

The third category is the deer raffle, and is open for any age to participate in. There will be a $10 entry fee per deer entered into the deer raffle.

David Pierce, who had the idea for this contest, said its fundraisers like these that help the club complete their mission.

“It goes to a good cause because the hospital takes care of all the medical costs for children suffering from burns or orthopedic problems. Everything for the kids is covered, and it is all out of our pockets”, said Pierce. “This is the only way we are able to keep our hospitals open is through fundraisers like this one. We don’t get grants from the government, we just get out there and work, and do what we can to try and raise some money.”

All proceeds raised in the contest will go to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children. Anyone who wants more information about the contest can contact David Pierce at (706) 410-7791, Jo Johnson at (706) 988-1651, Rusty Greenway at (706) 988-9736, or any other member of the Granite Center Shrine Club that they know.