Granite City Cook-Off Less Than Two Weeks Away

September 6, 2012

Next Saturday the 6th Annual Granite City Cook-Off will take place on the downtown square in Elberton, Georgia.

Main Street Director Sissy Herring says that the cook-off will feature some familiar faces from past cook-offs.

“We do have our winners from the last few years. We will have about ten to fifteen grills on the square. We will also have lots of vendors, music, dancing, and all that fun stuff that we normally have when there is an event”, said Herring.

The deadline has passed for those wanting to enter the contest, but the cook-off board are still accepting applications. The cost for Grill Masters to enter the cook-off is $75.

The purpose of the Granite City Cook-Off is to fund scholarships for students at the Elbert County Comprehensive High School. According to John Hubbard, who is on the Granite City Cook-Off Board, they awarded three $500 scholarships to high school students last year.

Hubbard said that the money raised during the cook-off goes directly to fund the scholarships that are awarded each year.

“Every bit of the money that we take in from the Granite City Cook-Off is given to the scholarships. We don’t use the money for anything other than the scholarships”, said Hubbard.

The Granite City Cook-Off will be held on September 15th on the Square in Downtown Elberton. The event will begin at 9:00am and will last until 3:00pm.